It will just take a few moments to start the subscription process with National Tenant Network. The steps below and the following pages guide you through the process.

Step 1. Enter Account Information
  Provide your name, contact information and rental property address. This information is confidential.

Step 2. Identity Check
  Answer a few questions to assure NTN of your identity. This is required by law.

Step 3. Sign the NTN Service and Subscription Agreement
  By checking a box you can electronically sign your agreement.

Step 4. Identity Check
  Once you have signed the subscription agreement, you are notified of the supporting documentation you must provide for further verification of your permissible purpose for obtaining consumer reports. NTN will also email a copy of this list to the email address provided.

Step 5. IP Address Confirmation
  The email containing the supporting documentation will also contain an IP Address Confirmation link - "Please click here to confirm receipt of this email." Passing the IP Address Confirmation finalizes your signature on the subscription agreement. It is recommended that you follow the instruction to confirm your IP address immediately after signing up to avoid complications.
After NTN receives and verifies the information and supporting documentation provided, you will be sent your login details to start screening applicants on NTNonline.

NTN Services & Pricing
NTN DecisionPoint $20.00 per search
NTN Tenant Performance Report $10.00 per search
Lifetime Membership to NTN only $35.00
Volume Pricing May Be Available! Contact Us To Find Out More.

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